Log Home Restoration and Refinishing

For over 20 years Ocean Pacific have been an industry leader in log home restoration, refinishing, refurbishing and protecting log home, cabins, resorts and wood structures.

About our services

Since 2000, we have restored and refurbished hundreds of log, wood and timber structures across Canada and the US – in just about every setting imaginable.

Log Home Refinishing

Preserve & protect your home investment before weathering & infestation sets in.

Crushed Glass Blasting

Blast logs, sidings, trim, & exterior boards to bare wood removing weathering, old stain & mildew.

Re-Staining Log Homes

Protect and bring out the natural beauty of your log cabin or log home with long lasting eco-friendly stains.


All of our products are friendly for the planet. And that’s important to us.

What are the steps for refinishing a log home?

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Log Home Site Preparation
Log and Wood Blasting
Apply Log Preservative
Log Home Staining
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