Residential Log Home Refinishing

Below are some of our completed residential projects.

Spruce Log Home in Montana

This 6000 sq foot Spruce Log Home is situated on Swan Lake near Big Fork Montana. The old finish was peeling fading and cracking, our team glass blasted all wood surfaces and refinished it with a Sansin SDF Espresso colour.…

Weathered Cedar Log Home Comes Back to Life

This Red Western Cedar log home is situated in near Mt Rainer, Washington. It sat through Covid so the Cedar logs became very weathered. Our experiences log home restoration crew blasted the interior and exterior of the home. After blasting…

25 year old Fir Log Home

Ocean Pacific blasted and re-stained this a  25 year old Fir Log Home. The customer here chose an oil-base stain with redish undertones.

Cedar Log Home Exterior Sand Blasting Project

This 8 year old engineered Cedar log  home is located in Fairmount Hot Springs, BC. We ended up blasting it down to bare wood, brushing the logs, then applying 3 coats of Sikkens Log and siding 007 Cedar.

Lovely Pine Log Home Project

This lovely pine log home is located in Kamsack Saskatchewan. The owners Brian and Bernice hired our team to strip the old finish that had been deteriorating and refinish it with an oil base product like Sikkens.

Pioneer Western Red Cedar Log Home Project

This Western Red Cedar Log Home located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan  was built by Pioneer log Homes in 2009.The owner had stained the home with a product that did not penetrate into the wood eventually peeling off leaveing the logs unprotected…

Large Log Home Restoration Project

We refinished this large log home in Fort St James for couple that worked in the Gold mine an hour North. Sansin Harvest Gold was the customers color choice for the re-staining.

Cedar Log Siding House Restoration

This cedar siding home was built on the side of a mountain facing Lake Cowichan. We had the pleasure to restore the aging dry wood to new.