Log Home Maintenance

Wondering the best way to ensure you keep your log home, cabin, panabode or cedar siding house looking good for years to come? After we restore your home to its original glory, we recommend you take the following steps as part of your log home maintenance.

How do I maintain my log home?

Log home maintenance should be done annually, or when there are signs of dirt and dust accumulating on the logs, especially if the building is close to a gravel or dusty driveway. This can break down the finish prematurely,  especially on the sun bearing walls. Leaving dust to accumulate for several years may result in the stain failing to protect the wood. If this occurs, it may require the need to re-blast or sand.

Our recommendations are:

  • Lightly scrub dirt and dust from logs with a damp cloth, agitating the surface. You can also use an RV wash brush attached to the end of a garden hose.
  • Rinse the dirt and dust with low pressure water such as a garden hose and spray nozzle. Do not use a pressure washer.
  • Cleaning should be done during warm weather to ensure water evaporates from the checks and cracks.
  • Keep sprinklers and all other water sources away from the logs. Leaky gutters, down pipes or faucets should be addressed immediately to ensure wood rot doesn’t set in.
  • If there are signs of the finish fading due to high UV exposure, it will most likely occur on the south facing walls where there is more sun. Applying a maintenance coat, where required, will keep the wood surfaces protected from UV and water damage.

Log Home Maintenance Issues

Do log homes have mold problems?

All surfaces can have mold problems. The more moisture there is, the more mold will grow. Shady trees, drippy rooflines and backsplash all contribute.  Keep an eye on the north side of your home, as it will receive the least amount of sunlight and, as a result, will stay damp longer after a rainfall. If you keep your logs dry and off the ground, they can last at least a lifetime.

Are cracks in logs a problem?

Cracks, also called “checks” are a naturally occurring characteristic in  logs and nothing to worry about, unless they are on the topside of an exterior log where rain, snow and dirt can accumulate. The best prevention method is to clean well, add borate rods to prevent moisture retention, fill with backer rods and then caulk. It is important that all new cracks are treated with borate, stained, and then caulked.

How do you restore a log home?

We inspect the structure to look at the wood species, age and condition of the logs for signs of weather and UV damage as well as possible mold, mildew or rotting wood. Once a thorough review of the structure is completed, we will provide you with our honest, unbiased, professional opinion, as to how to best restore and protect the building 

If you have an older log home, you may need to remove the old finish to restore the home to a vibrant new state. In the majority of cases we will recommend blasting the logs or wood with crushed glass. This medium is as fine as table salt, silica free and 100% environmentally friendly. It creates a fine dust when it hits any substrate surface and becomes airborne. 

If required, the logs can then be sprayed with a coat of environmentally friendly insecticide and fungicide which comes in a power form, is mixed with water and applied with a fertilizer sprayer. This will deter termites, carpenter ants, wood boring insects and slows down any potential exterior or interior rot, mold or mildew.A breathable stain with UV inhibitors will then be applied to both protect and bring out the natural beauty of your home. Once the appropriate stain is agreed upon,  two to three coats of stain are applied to saturation, if required. Please refer to the Restoration Process for a more detailed explanation of the steps taken to restore a log structure.

Can you restore panabode homes?

Yes, we specialize in restoring and refinishing all log and wood structures.

Can you restore cedar siding?

Yes, we specialize in restoring and refinishing all log and wood structures.

How much does it cost to restore a log home or cabin?

There is no simple answer. It will depend on the state of the existing logs and wood, the age and condition of the logs, the extent of any weather or UV damage as well as possible mold, mildew or rotting wood. 

We provide you and estimates free of charge. In many cases this can be done by submitting high quality photos of the building or structure.

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