Refinishing One of the Largest Log Building in the World

Lake Louise Mountain Ski Resort

In 2014, Team Ocean Pacific was called upon by the LLSA (Lake Louise Ski Association) to undertake the task of re-finishing the largest log building in North America and one of the largest in the world. At nearly 100,000 sq ft, the Charleston Residence is a three story building that houses the almost 400 employees who operate the ski hills.

The Charleston Residence is located in the heart of Banff National Park, so impeccable daily clean up was a must.

My crew and I used a fine media called “crushed glass”, which has the same consistency as table salt to strip away the nearly 30 year old finish. Once the blasting and penetreating was complete we began our three coat staining process.

We applied two coats of Sikkens Cetol 1-078 Natural to the bare fresh spruce logs and a third and final coat of Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus, all with a full no questions asked warranty.

This project took 21 days to successfully complete, all the while co-ordinating with several hundred tenants and being mindful of the ongoing wildlife at all times.